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Personal Etiquette Refinement

Aeroluxus is committed to providing the highest quality social etiquette and personal image management services to high net worth individuals. Through on-site teaching and practice, customers will be able to improve their etiquette understanding, project a refined image, and give an excellent first impression whether in the workplace or in a social situation.

Intensive lady’s etiquette course

Training content:
  • Dressing elegantly
  • Clothing etiquette for different occasions
  • Elegant sitting, standing, and walking postures
  • How to build a first impression

Modern gentlemen’s etiquette

Training content:
  • Gentlemen’s business clothing principles
  • Selection and matching of business suit and shirt
  • Clothing details and accessories
  • How to establish your public image

Etiquette for children

Course content:
  • Basic social etiquette
  • Appearance and manners
  • Western dining etiquette
  • Afternoon tea etiquette
  • How to be a good host

Western dining etiquette and culture

Course content:
  • Seating etiquette and posture
  • Ordering wine
  • Tableware knowledge and use
  • Table etiquette
  • The art of the dinner conversation

British afternoon tea etiquette

Course content:
  • The history and tradition of British afternoon tea
  • Categories of afternoon tea
  • Afternoon tea food pairing
  • Afternoon tea etiquette and important points