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Aviation Service Improvement and Continuing Education

Cabin service improvement solutions

We provide business jet operators with customised, comprehensive cabin service improvement solutions. With our global team of senior flight attendants instructors, Michelin starred chefs, French wine sommeliers, and tea experts, we are committed to training first class VVIP flight attendants of the highest standards.

We provide internal training courses tailor-made to your company standards and requirements, with a focus on introducing the latest industry trends, skills, and resources to VVIP flight attendants in order to provide passengers with a level of service that exceeds their expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

  • Master the skills required by VVIP flight attendants in different situations through the use of simulated drills and practical exercises.
  • Aeroluxus will provide all relevant training materials and a complete training performance report.
  • Aeroluxus’ insinuators will continue to provide follow-up appraisals and support after the conclusion of the training program.
  • We are aware of the difficulty of keeping employees motivated to provide quality services, so Aeroluxus also provides regular retraining program.

We apply business jet cabin service principles to airline companies to prepare their flight attendants to provide first-class and business class service skills training and enhance the all-round service ability of crew members so as to enhance the competitiveness of airline companies’ brands.

The training covers high-end cabin service, on-board catering service, global flight service, and cabin service English, among others.

Business aircraft VVIP flight attendant training

We provide different levels of basic, advanced, and professional courses for those who are interested in entering the business jet field to become official crew members and those who wish to further enhance their professional skills.

  • Through a strong instructor team consisting of senior crew instructors, Michelin starred chefs, wine sommeliers and tea experts, we carry out an all-round training course.
  • We enable trainees to quickly understand working skills through the simulation of real-world situations in an aircraft simulation module.
  • After completing the training and passing the final exam, each trainee will receive Aeroluxus certification and can be recommended for interview and employment in major business jet operators in China and Europe.

VVIP flight attendant training course

Suitable for: Airlines flight attendants who wish to master new knowledge and skills, as well as anyone who is interested in entering the business jet flight attendant field.

Course length: 10 to 15 days

You will get:

  • The ability to independently provide high-quality cabin service.
  • WSET wine certification, tea master and floriculture professional level certification.
  • After completing the training and passing the final exam, each trainee will receive Aeroluxus certification and can be recommended for interview and employment in major business jet operators in China and Europe.
Training contents:
The world of flight attendants

Industry knowledge and information

Flight service workflow and responsibilities of business jet

Travel itinerary and schedule

On board catering

On board food safety and hygiene

Creative menu design

The art of plating

Culinary arts training and practice

High-end cabin service

Cabin decoration and flower arrangement

Customer account management

Customized guest service needs

How to create an amazing experience for guest

Image and etiquette

Displaying a professional image

First impressions and proper behaviour

Business etiquette and international etiquette

Language and communication

Flight terminology

Customer service English

Aviation industry communication skills

Short term improvement course

Suitable for: Working flight attendants who want to improve themselves and keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

Course length: 3 to 5 days

You will get:

Through the use of targeted courses, your cabin service ability will be enhanced, as will your professional competitiveness.

Training contents:
  • Current market information
  • New aircraft delivery and maintenance
  • Culinary art creativity and trends
  • The latest trends of quality service and plating
  • Finding inspiration to create a superior flight service experience

Professional aviation English training

ICAO English training

  • Designed for the comprehensive improvement of pilots’ aviation English, covering all aspects of the ICAO English syllabus.
  • Development of exclusive teaching materials in cooperation with top European English training schools.
  • Professional and regularly updated independently compiled textbooks.
  • Dual online and offline teaching model to support customized study.
  • Both Chinese and foreign aviation English teachers have received training from European aviation schools and obtained qualification certificates.
  • Simulated cabin training and use of radio equipment allows realistic practice of land air communication.

English for cabin crew

  • Preparation and takeoff
  • Safety and security check
  • Catering and beverage service
  • VIP passenger service
  • Security and emergency
  • Landing and arrival

English for maintenance and engineers

Focus on providing professional aviation English training for the aircraft engineering department of airlines and MRO staff.

  • Route routine & line check
  • Talk to the crew
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communication with aircraft manufacture

Other civil aviation professional English

We also provide air traffic control English, airport service English and other civil aviation professional English training.