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Rachel SUA

With 25 years of aviation service experience, she has served Korean Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and GLOBAL JET, one of Europe's top business jet operators. She has received royalty and business guests from all over the world. She is good at the highest standard of service and hospitality.

She is an international senior etiquette trainer, Senior Chinese Tea Master, Certified by the Malaysian ministry of human resources as an official professional trainer and Certified Professional Image Consultant of Colortop Image Consultant College, Japan.

She was awarded the Malaysia international Lady champion in 2012 and the top 10 pioneer of women's business in southeast Asia in 2014.

She has a wealth of theoretical knowledge and flexible professional practical experience, well versed in corporate culture, to provide customers with efficient solutions, has provided image and etiquette, customer management, VIP services, western etiquette and other professional training for many famous international high-end hotels, airlines, luxury brands to provide.


Michelin-starred chef, he is a member of the French society of Euro-Foques (founded by France's most famous chef Paul Bocuse) and of the French society of Les Foques (the prestigious French culinary academy). He has traveled and worked in dozens of countries and opened famous restaurants around the world. He has provided F&B comprehensive training for Hilton hotels and have rich experience in food design and banquet customization. Marc, who came to China in 2019, is dedicated to creating authentic French cuisine restaurants, as well as high-end catering design and service training.


With more than 20 years of experience as an international sommelier, he has served as the chief sommelier in many restaurants with two & three Michelin stars in France and Britain. Served as sommelier in Sheraton Forta resort hotel and responsible for F&B staff training.

Rich experience in sommelier service and training management, good at cellar management, professional wine list creation, wine tasting activities organization, customer relationship maintenance.


  • Senior Purser & Flight Crew Instructor
  • International Senior Etiquette Trainer
  • CAI International Etiquette Instructor
  • National Professional Skill Assessor

Lily has 15 years of flight experience in China and abroad and is in charge of private plane services for senior management. She studied at Tsinghua university and participated in an exchange and study program with Singapore Airlines. Very familiar with high-end customer service needs and standards and excels at first class and business class crew training.


Bachelor of Chinese Language and Business Administration, University of Central Lancashire, fluent in Chinese.

Senior English teacher, ICAO English professional teacher, AEROLUXUS director of English teaching, has rich practical experience in teaching, good at customized, small-class teaching.