Review | Western Food & Wine Etiquette Training for Air China

May 18, 2020

Review | Western Food & Wine Etiquette Training for Air China

Connected by their shared ideal of always pursuing excellence, AEROLUXUS and Air China have launched their first cooperation; a course on advanced western food and wine etiquette.  This custom-made course is an important part of the “craftsman training camp” created by the Zhejiang branch of Air China, and has benefited both from the Air China Zhejiang’s commitment to excellent service and cabin service quality improvement, and the professionalism and authority of AEROLUXUS in the high-end service field.

The training course was held in the beautiful Sofitel Hangzhou Westlake and consisted of three parts; advanced Western dining etiquette, afternoon tea etiquette, and wine etiquette, along with the corresponding English language training and assessment.  The trainings were conducted by three senior international instructors; Rachel Sua, Tommy Cooksey, and Claude Boutard. 

Rachel Sua, training director of AEROLUXUS, acted as the main instructor of this training course.  With more than 20 years of aviation service experience, Rachel also hold a number of qualifications, including; flight instructor and inspector of CAAC and flight instructor of EASA, and is well versed in the highest standards of service and etiquette training.

The Western food etiquette training started from sending invitation letters to trainees in advance and as they arrived had several components; signing in, pre-dinner reception, etiquette explanation, and a practical demonstration of formal dinner cutlery and equipment.  This combination of theory and practical application, combined with the charm of Rachel Sua and her personal demonstrations of proper etiquette allowed the students to relax and gain a deep understanding of Western etiquette.  The following formal Western lunch let the students practice the etiquette knowledge they learned during the course while also enjoying the delicious food of Sofitel.

After lunch, the students proceeded onto the roof terrace of the hotel to enjoy a traditional British afternoon tea experience.  Accompanied by the beautiful scenery of the West Lake, they gained deeper understanding into the history and tradition of afternoon tea and the different kinds of tea and food while also enjoying the experience for themselves.


Claude Boutard, an experienced wine appraiser from France, starting from the history of wine and wine-making, then explained wine tasting methods, wine etiquette and different wine characteristics.  After comprehensive explanations and demonstrations by the instructor, the students were ready to taste 6 different wines for themselves, using the knowledge they gained in the class to distinguish the different flavours and characteristics in each wine.  In the process of opening, pouring, and tasting the wine, the students were also able to gain a deep understanding of wine etiquette.


At the end of the day-long immersion course, Mr Franck Dubary, founder of AEROLUXUS issued the completion certificate to the trainees and expressed his appreciation for the professionalism and ability shown by the Air China attendees.  The 20 participants of this training course were all either crew members or chief attendants from Air China Zhejiang and after the training course was completed all said that this training course has benefited them greatly, not just in their work, but also in their personal and social lives.  The flight attendant supervisors who also attended the training expressed their appreciation to AEROLUXUS for the training plan, curriculum, teachers and the effect of the training and are looking forward to long-term cooperation with AEROLUXUS in the future.