Review | Haining "French Day"

October 27, 2020

Review | Haining

2020.09.25, AEROLUXUS organized a great event for the city of Haining with the participation of the government of haining , the General consul of France and the president of the French chamber of commerce. It was very successful.



 The continuous development of  Sino-French cooperation in Haining is a manifestation of the deepening cooperation between the two countries. Despite the difficulties brought by the epidemic, French and Chinese companies are still standing together in Haining. As one of the activities of the Commerce Conference, this "French Day" aims to promote the construction of " Sino-French Cooperative Industry-Research Park", present certificates to the representatives of the first  Sino-French cooperative graduates, and attract more high-quality French manufacturing projects to locate in Haining.



"This shows the dynamic industrial cooperation between the two sides, and he is full of confidence in the future project cooperation and new development between the two sides." , the General consul of France in Shanghai, delivered a speech and introduced the  Sino-French cooperative industry-Research Park project.


"Over the years, Our city has maintained friendly and close cooperation with France. In the future, we will create a first-class business environment and a high-quality living environment for French enterprises and entrepreneurs with a more open attitude and more efficient and considerate services." Haining standing committee member, and party secretary of the economic development zone committee.


The continuous development of Sino-French cooperation in Haining shows that the cooperation between China and France in the field of vocational education is a new opportunity for future development.