ICAO English training to help you pass smoothly!

March 25, 2020

ICAO English training to help you pass smoothly!

Specially designed for the comprehensive improvement of aviation English for pilots,

Covering all ICAO English items,

B737NG simulator real-world scenario drills and language test simulations,

Help you pass ICAO TEST smoothly!

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  • Radio telephony
  • Emergency procedures
  • Weather conditions
  • Aircraft system
  • Airport operation


  • Comply with CAAC and EASA test standards and outline
  • Dialogue and practical operation of real cockpit scenarios
  • OPI intensive training, one-on-one oral practice
  • Customized small class teaching or one-to-one teaching


  • Real scene drill of B737NG simulation cabin
  • Senior Chinese, English and French teachers, mastering the focus and difficulties of ICAO test
  • Using radio equipment to practice Air-ground calls


  • Initial evaluation-face to face or online
  • Customized timetables, special intensive exercises
  • Rehearsal of real scene in simulation cabin
  • Simulated PEPEC exam


  • CAO English one-on-one training (499 yuan / class hour)
  • 10 class hours 4800 RMB (original price 4999 RMB)
  • 20 class hours 8900 RMB (original price 9980 RMB)
  • 12,000 RMB for 30 class hours (original price 14,970 RMB)
  • The above price already includes initial evaluation and 737NG simulator operation

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